Indicators That Your Transmission Isn’t Working Correctly

How to Know That You Need a Transmission Repair Service?


Many vehicle owners neglect the maintenance of their gearboxes and end up dealing with costly and time-consuming complications that often can be resolved only by competent transmission rebuild specialists. These are the most common signs that your gearbox is about to stop working so don’t ignore them when you notice them.


Whining and Clunking


If you start hearing noises that your car doesn’t usually make, you should make it to an auto shop to have it diagnosed. Most vehicle owners completely ignore whining and clunking sounds as they assume that they are due to wear and tear and end up using a transmission repair service in order to restore their heavily damaged gearbox.


Lack of Response


If you notice any delays when shifting gears, then you have an issue that must be checked by professionals. Generally, the gear change should be instant, so any delays in the response time should be regarded as a clear sign of a malfunction.


Burning Smell


The scent of something burning is never good and if it is coming from your vehicle’s gearbox, you shouldn’t just open the windows and act like everything is normal. Most times, this is due to overheating transmission fluid but sometimes the issue is more severe and the gearbox may require immediate attention. The best way to deal with this situation is to seek the assistance of mechanics who offer a reliable transmission repair service.


Leaking Transmission Fluid


This is the easiest sign to spot. Just look for leaks underneath your car while it is parked. Darker spots on the asphalt should also indicate that something is leaking from your automobile. Do not hesitate to use a transmission repair service to patch the leak.


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